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What sets Cedars at Cobble Hill apart?

  • Comprehensive Continuum of Care

    At Cedars’ we understand that recovery is a journey and treatment is the first step. Our comprehensive continuum of care begins immediately with your call to our admissions staff. Cedars at Cobble Hill is a full service treatment and recovery program beginning with assessment and medically supervised detox, inpatient care, continuing care and monitored recovery if required.

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  • Quality Clinical Services & Experienced Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team

    Cedars at Cobble Hill is trusted and recommended by doctors and therapists across Canada. Our treatment team is recognized for providing safe, successful, and supported treatment programs for those with addiction and process disorders. When selecting an addiction recovery program the treatment team is of critical importance.

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  • Continuing Care & Recovery Support

    When our patients complete their treatment programs at Cedars’, our team provides them with a dynamic continuing care strategy that recognizes the individual needs of each person. These strategies are created to support our patients in sustained recovery. Addiction is a chronic health problem that requires continuous evaluation and support in order to identify and address challenges as they arise.

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  • Gender Specific Residences

    Cedars’ gender-specific residences were created to foster safe interpersonal boundaries for individuals entering addiction treatment. Although it is important for co-ed integration during various stages of the treatment process, Cedars provides gender specific housing and group activities that create a safe and harmonious environment for each patient.

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  • Family Involvement in Treatment

    Regardless of which individual is affected, addiction has an impact on the entire family or workplace system. This progressive, life threatening disease takes a toll on everyone involved and can have significant consequences on each individual’s health. It is important that family members and employers understand their own need for help as well as the addicted individual.

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