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The issue of opioid addiction in Canada has reached epidemic proportions. The number of fatal overdoses has skyrocketed over the past several years, in what many are calling a national health emergency.

Whether it is illicit drugs such as heroin or prescription painkillers, or opioid prescriptions like Oxycontin, OxyNEO, Vicodin, Dilaudid or Methadone, these substances are becoming increasingly prevalent in society, with serious impacts on the lives of more and more Canadians each day.

Not only highly addictive, opioids are easily misused. Regular abuse of these substances can lead to drug addiction, a complex disease that if not addressed, can have serious ramifications on the user’s life including on their health, relationships and even entire lives.

Opiate addiction can take hold of individuals from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. As drug addiction affects each person in a highly individualized way there can be a wide number of signs and symptoms of abuse, including both behavioural and physical symptoms. Regardless of an individual’s drug of choice, or the type of symptoms they experience, opiate addiction is a serious epidemic and patterns of abuse can be extremely difficult to stop.

Drug Addiction Help

Despite the harrowing facts of drug addiction, recovery is possible and at Cedars, our individualized drug addiction treatment programs are instilled with that belief in mind. Addiction is a chronic and progressive neurobiological disease with psychological, spiritual and social implications. As such, inpatient treatment is critical in the addiction process and like other chronic illnesses, long-term management will be necessary. With post-treatment continuing care programs, patients will have a comprehensive network of support in addition to the foundation of the traditional 12-Step recovery programs when returning home.

With the right recovery curriculum, you can live a life free of opiates.

Drug Detox

One of the fundamental issues with trying to end a drug addiction is the withdrawal symptoms, which are often enough to deter individuals from seeking treatment. At Cedars, our drug addiction treatment includes medically monitored detox by addiction medicine physicians and specialists to provide the most comfortable transition during the early stages in recovery. Our team of doctors and nurses, along with our knowledgeable support staff, work diligently to facilitate a safe detox with proper monitoring, allowing for smooth transition into our full treatment program when it is most suitable for the patient.